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Give Twice: Poem-It-Forward

In the spirit of holiday gift-giving and expressions of connection, from now until December 31st America SCORES Bay Area will forward a poem card to the person of your choosing for any donation of $50 or above.

Our talented poet-athletes have produced creative and fun original poems over the course of the fall season that continually make us smile, and we'd like to share the joy!
If you would like us to poem-it-forward, give us the full name and contact info (email or address) for the recipient you choose, and we will send or e-mail a poem card on your behalf.  When you click the donate button, be sure to add the name and address of the person you would like to gift a poem to in the box that says "additional info."
Here is an example of what your poetry gift will look like:
Dear ______________ ,
In the spirit of the holidays, I'd like to send a little inspirational joy your way, straight from a charity that warms my heart.  America SCORES harnesses the power of soccer, creative-writing, and service-learning to bring out the collaboration, confidence, and communal spirit of our next generation.  Please enjoy this poem and know how grateful I am for all that you bring to my life.
In friendship,
[Your name]

Thank you for giving twice today- once to deserving young poet-athletes and once to those who know and appreciate the power of creative expression- your poetry recipient.  Your gift is amplifying the unique voices of our next generation.
With gratitude,
The America SCORES Bay Area Teams
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